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Choptank River Heritage brings together resources to help you plan your visit to the historic rivers and towns within the Choptank River watershed:

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See historic places and public river landings overlaid on basemaps of satellite imagery, topography, or street maps.  Mark favorite places, routes, and destinations.  Save your map and share it with friends by email or in your blog.

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Take a close look at your destination on three maps side by side:  Aerial Imagery, Topography, and Street Map.

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Create an online map-based presentation that tells about your adventure.

::: Re-Visit the “RiverGuide” Trip Planner :::
The Old Harford Town Maritime Center at Joppa Wharf in West Denton is no longer active.  Reconstruction of the CRHC RiverGuide is under way here at Choptank River Heritage.  Meantime, you can still visit the old “RiverGuide”.  But watch out for broken links!

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