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Choptank River Heritage presents over 300 historic sites near the Choptank and Tuckahoe Rivers.

Choptank River Heritage sites were first catalogued by the Old Harford Town Maritime Center (OHTMC) in West Denton, Maryland, and published in Maryland’s Upper Choptank River and Tuckahoe River Cultural Resource Inventory (1998) and Lower Choptank River Cultural Resource Inventory (2002).  These studies were funded by the Maryland Historical Trust.  They identify many types of historic sites and structures, including:

  • towns
  • landings
  • wharves
  • warehouses
  • canneries, and
  • sunken vessels

Choptank River Heritage also provides  maps and descriptions of National Register of Historic Places sites, buildings, and maritime vessels in the Choptank River watershed.   Data for NRHP sites was provided by the office of the Chief Archeologist/GIS Coordinator, Maryland Historical Trust, Maryland Department of Planning.

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