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Here is all the information you need to travel from wherever you are to the site of the cabin where Frederick Douglass grew up, and where he was probably born. These maps provide directions from Annapolis, Maryland, across the Chesapeake Bay to Maryland's Eastern Shore. Then to Easton and into the tidewater farmlands beyond -- to a rural road junction called "Tapper's Corner". This is next to the old Aaron Anthony farm and the site of "Aunt Bettie's Lot", where the cabin stood. The "1878 Map" shows how the area looked when Douglass returned to his native soil after an absence of more than 40 years.

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Getting To Maryland's Eastern Shore

(Directions Below)

X=Cabin Site

Directions From Annapolis - Keyed to the Map

From Annapolis, Maryland, take U.S. Route 50 eastbound across the William Preston Jr. Memorial Bridge over the Chesapeake Bay. Continue on Route 50, past the 50/301 split, following the signs to Easton and Salisbury. North of Easton, turn off Route 50 and take Md. Route 309 toward Cordova and Queen Anne. Pass Cordova and turn right (east) on Md. Route 303. Go about 1.5 miles to the junction of Route 303 and Lewistown Road (LR). This junction is "Tappers Corner". The farm (x) that once belonged to Aaron Anthony, Douglass' master, lies in front of you (east of the junction). (See the Tapper's Corner Map for details of the site.)

To get to the highway historical marker -- 6 miles off target -- take Md. Route 328 from Easton toward Denton. The historical marker (hm) is on the left side of the road, just before you cross the Tuckahoe River bridge.

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Tapper's Corner Today

X=cabin site... aa=Aaron Anthony farm (now "No-No Acres")... k="Kentucky" ravine... m=Lee's Mill Creek... TR=Tuckahoe River... LR=Lewistown Road... 303=Md. Rt. 303... 309=Md. Rt. 309

C=Cabin site (Description below)

Site Description - Keyed to the Map

You can get to Tapper's Corner from three directions:

    From Easton via Md. 309 and Md. 303
    From Easton via Md. 328 and Lewistown Rd.
    From Queen Anne-Hillsboro via Md. 303

At the stop sign at Md. 303 and Lewistown Rd. (LR), you'll see a privately-made "Tapper's Corner" sign on your left. The old Aaron Anthony farm (aa) is directly ahead of you. The Tuckahoe River (TR) is behind the trees in the background, and Lee's Mill Creek (m) is in the trees to the left. The probable cabin site (x) lies at the edge of the woods at the head of the ravine that was called "Kentucky" (k) in Douglass' day. (See more details on the "zoom" page.)

Zoom in for a detailed look and description of the site (29k).
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"Tuckahoe" When Douglass Returned - 1878

C=Cabin site (head of "Kentucky" ravine)... AA=old Aaron Anthony farm... T=Tapper's Corner... TR=Tuckhoe River.... F=Muddy Bank... M=Mill Creek... L=Present Lewistown Rd... 303=Present Rt. 303... 309=Present Rt. 309... E=Easton 8 miles SW... QA=Queen Anne 3 mi. NE...
C=Cabin site
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